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Mango Mint

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An Akron House Premium Hand-blended Loose Leaf Tea

This mango flavored green tea is carefully hand-blended with incredibly fragrant organic peppermint. Light and sweet, Mango Mint is wonderfully refreshing hot or iced.

This blend contains caffeine.

Instructions: Steep ½ tbsp. in 10 oz. of nearly boiling water for 2-3 minutes. If chilling, steep tea as directed then let cool to room temperature before serving over ice.

Ingredients: organic green tea, organic mango extract, organic peppermint


Serving Sizes:
3 serving sample- comes with 3 paper teabags
Resealable pouch- makes approximately 12-15 cups
Pitcher sized teabag- makes 2.5 quarts
Proudly handmade and hand-packaged at:
The Akron House Tea Co. Temple, Pennsylvania
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