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NEW! Iced Tea Flavors

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New Iced tea flavors for summer 2018!

  • Each box of pitcher-sized iced teabags comes with 5 large teabags.
  • Each large teabag makes 2.5 quarts.
  • Simple instructions for brewing the perfect pitcher of fresh organic iced tea are on the packaging for your convenience. 
  • Most selections can be cold brewed
  • Add your desire sweetener. We like a not-too-sweet iced tea and use 1/3 cup of organic sugar per 2.5 quarts.
Made w/ Organic Ingredients:
Cinnamon Rooibos- red rooibos herbal tea, cinnamon extract, cinnamon stick
Blackberry Lemon- black tea, blackberry extract, lemon extract, lemon peel
Mango Strawberry- green tea, mango extract, strawberry extract
Blended Black Tea- black teas
Strawberry Peach- green tea, strawberry extract, peach extract
Apple Mint- chamomile herbal tea, apple extract, spearmint